A Brief Introduction To IL code, CLR, CTS, CLS and JIT In .NET

Before explaining these terminologies, I would like to explain how .NET code gets compiled. The developer writes source code in any .NET language i.e. it may VB.NET or C# or VC+++.NET, etc. The source code is compiled to Intermediate code known as IL code by the respective compilers for example for C# it is csc.exe compiler, for […]

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Different Kinds of Career Prospects in The IT Industry

Information Technology (IT) has transformed the life of millions of people all over the world. There is no industry that has not witnessed the results of IT. The business which cannot take up the opportunities that are available with IT will suffer loss or should wind off the business. As such, IT offers great career […]

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Introduction To Extension Methods In .NET

As the name indicates Extension Methods enable us to “add” methods to existing types(string, list, integer etc) or in other words extends a type without modifying or re-compiling a type. These are a special kind of static method, but they are called as if they were native to the type. Extension methods are available from 3.5 and above […]

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.NET Properties and Methods with Arrays : C# Beginners Guide

As mentioned earlier, arrays are inherited from the class System.Array, which contains several methods and properties for manipulating arrays. In the following sections, some of these properties and methods are introduced. Array’s Length (Length) The Length property is the number of elements in an array. Consider the following array: int[,] myArray= new int[10,4]; // Array declaration The following statement […]

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HTML 5: Geolocation

In my recent posts, I explained Audio Tag and Video Tag In HTML5 and how to use them and what are their different features. In this post I will explain another important API of HTML5: Geolocation API. Before HTML5, there was no provision of finding User’s location. But now using Geolocation API, we can easily locate user’s geographical […]

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